More than 30 years
contribuating to the success
of our clients

Technology and Know How

We have the most advanced equipment and printing techniques to ensure the highest quality, as well as a highly qualified and experienced team.

During all these years we have opted for a policy of continuous investment in new technologies and the implementation of our high know-how, two key aspects in the growth of LITOTÚRIA.


Create and manufacture packaging that improves the brand image and product of our customers, always offering excellent functionality and service parameters.


To become the reference packaging manufacturer for the main sectors of the market.


We have a qualified team, in continuous training and with extensive experience in the graphic arts sector.

More than 100 employees, of whom 30% occupy positions in the areas of management, technical development and process and quality control to offer the best service to our customers.

A Growing

+ 15.000

+15.000 m2 facilities.

+ 16.000.000

+16.000.000 €

+ 100

+ de 100

+ 400 M

+ of 400 million packaging at year

Quality, Food Safety and Environment.

Our system is regularly audited by accredited organizations that certify compliance with the standards. The SGI allows us to comply with the legislation in force

Our Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy
sets out the fundamental principles of SGI.


Certified since 2009 under the ISO 9001 standard, it serves as the framework for our SGI.
The long experience of our SGI allows us to follow our processes under the concept of Self-control, supervised by the Quality Control team, from the supplier or the design to the shipment through all manufacturing

Food Safety

The safety of packaging is our priority in LITOTURIA. Certified under the BRC-Packaging protocol with the highest qualification (Level AA), our priority is that our cases respect and improve the food safety of the product to which they are destinated.

Our facilities have a Food Defense protocol as well as a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) that together with the adopted hygienic-sanitary measures, reforce the SGI.

& Sustainability

Convinced that the environmental respect is fundamental in the management of the company and that, due to the trend of the society, every day it takes more importance , LITOTURIA has implemented the standard ISO 14001.

The design and development of articles take into account as environmental aspects, as well as the life cycle and waste generated for the circular economy; the management and optimization of resources and consumes and the reduction and classification of waste and environmental impacts are basic in the management.


In addition, we have a Certificate of Chain of Forest Stewardship (for products on demand) that promotes the responsible use of wood products and their derivatives from forestry and production processes with social responsible management, economically and environmentally.